Know What Moved You


Why is this thing called MyCaYoCa?

Because it started out as a solution to a problem with a carsharing scheme in the Netherlands, MyWheels, in which one share one's own private car with other people.

As they say in polite societies when visiting somebody: My Car is Your Car.

We thought of My Card In Your Car.

Or whatever. For the original prototype (see video) we actually won a price: see the contest. At that time it was still called CarUnlocker, but during the presentation over there I came up with that current name.

So that's where the name came from.

It sounded OK, international with a twist of Japanese, and easy to remember, so…

Can it only be used in cars?

Oh no!

Some of the stuff (like the GPS module) is only useful when moving, but we plan to use it for a lot of other things, especially in the space of Home Automation. Watch out!

Does it run on my car?

We don't know.

We are collecting information on every car that runs with it, and make it available to other owners.

Depending on the success of the box, in the end we might give away the MyCaYoCa away to the person that comes up with a proper instruction for connecting the MyCaYoCa to a specific car.